Symphony 2030

RO in the City

Music is our instrument, but not our final goal. We want to use our music to actively contribute to an inclusive, collaborative and versatile The Hague in which people live with pleasure and pride. Because we believe: music teaches listening and connects.

We want to be there for everyone in The Hague and connect people through our music. That is why we actively take the orchestra into the neighborhoods. With free concerts, large and small, we want to connect The Hague residents with each other and let them enjoy the power of music.

Help us to

  • Give free concerts in the Hague neighborhoods
  • Apple pie concerts to be given in care facilities
  • Offer social seats for our concerts in Amare
"I didn't know this music existed. Everyone I know should experience this, so next time I'll bring them along!"

- Resident of Transvaal, during a concert at Julianaplaza

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