Your visit to the orchestra

Welcome to Amare!

Our new home in the cultural heart of The Hague. Come enjoy the finest music in our new halls by the Residentie Orkest.


Going to a concert in Amare or the Nieuwe Kerk? Here you will find all the information about buying your Tickets. 

Online Tickets Buy
Online Tickets Buying online is easy, safe and fast. It can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have a maximum of 20 minutes to complete payment when ordering from Tickets . After this, your order will expire even if you still complete payment after 20 minutes.

Purchase by phone Tickets
It is possible to purchase or reserve Tickets by phone. We will then send you a link to be paid within 5 days and then send your e-tickets. You can also pick up Tickets at the box office within two weeks. You can only pay by debit or credit card here. 

Visitors wishing to purchase tickets using the Stork Pass can also contact us by phone. 

Opening hours box office

Discussion Bureau Amare and Nieuwe Kerk
Nieuwe Kerk, Spui 175, The Hague
By phone: (070) 88 00 333

Opening hours

  • Front desk: Tuesday through Saturday 1-6 p.m.

  • Phone: Tuesday through Saturday 1-6 p.m.

  • And 1 hour before the concert starts

Payment options

For e-tickets by mail we do not charge extra. For paper Tickets by mail we charge a €3.50 handling fee per order.

Bank transfer
You will receive an invoice from the Amare Foundation. You have to pay this invoice within two weeks. If you have entered your e-mail address you will receive the invoice. After your payment has been processed you will receive (by e-mail) the Tickets. The delivery time after payment of the tickets is 5 to 10 working days. We charge €3,50 administration costs per order.

Credit Card
Please verify that your current address information is known to your credit card company. The credit card number provided must be in the name and address of the ordering party.

Paying with a Podium Cadeaukaart
Once you have selected your Tickets you can choose the Podium Cadeaukaart as your payment method. Then enter the number and pin code (and possibly pay the remaining amount with another payment method).
Note: you can only pay online with one Podium Cadeaukaart per order. At the box office you can pay with several Podium Cadeaukaart at the same time.

Paying with the Theatre and Concert voucher
Unfortunately, the paper Theatre and Concert voucher (the predecessor of the Podium Cadeaukaart) cannot be used directly via an online order. Would you like to use the voucher with a purchase? If so, please contact our box office.

Paying with a Voucher
After selecting your Tickets , choose 'Voucher' as the payment method.
Then enter the voucher code printed on your voucher (and pay the remaining amount with another payment method, if necessary).
If the price of your ticket(s) is less than the amount on your voucher, the remainder will remain on your voucher.

At Amare and the Nieuwe Kerk , you can only pay by pin.

Starter and Instrument Garden are back!

Season 22/23 will again feature Starters prior to the Symphonic Friday and Sunday matinee. The Starter is a lively preliminary program filled with live performances by our own musicians and interviews with soloists and conductors. After the Family Concerts, you can once again honk, ping and drum along with the musicians of the orchestra in the Instrument Garden.

The Instrument Garden is open until an hour after the concert. The Starter begins 45 minutes before the concert begins. Both are free to attend and take place in Foyer 2 (Tango).


Card prices Amare Concertzaal

Top grade: from €42 (as of season 22/23)
Section 1: from €35
Section 2: from €30
Section 3: from €26
Section 4: from €23

incl. cloakroom and drink during intermission or afterwards.
Current ticket prices per concert can be found in the What's on.
View the map of the Concertzaal in Amarehere.

Card prices Nieuwe Kerk

Top grade: € 39,-
Section 1: € 35,-
Section 2: € 32,-

incl. cloakroom and drink during intermission.


Do not miss anything and enjoy a concert series on Friday evening, Sunday afternoon or at Nieuwe Kerk with 20% to 40% discount (the discount is already included in the price).

Symphonic Friday subscription prices - Amare Concertzaal season 22/23

Toprang: € 158.40
Section 1: € 132.80
Section 2: € 112.80
Section 3: € 100
Section 4: € 86.40

Toprang: € 297.60
Section 1: € 249.60
Section 2: € 211.20
Section 3: € 187.20
Section 4: € 163.20

Toprang: € 347.20
Section 1: € 291.20
Section 2: € 246.40
Section 3: € 218.40
Section 4: € 190.40

Extra Large
Toprang: € 639.60
Section 1: € 536.40
Section 2: € 454.20
Section 3: € 402.60
Section 4: € 350.40

Prices subscription Sunday matinee - Amare Concertzaal season 22/23
Top grade: € 297,60
Section 1: € 249,60
Section 2: € 211,20
Section 3: € 187,20
Section 4: € 163,20

Chamber Music Subscription Prices - Nieuwe Kerk season 22/23

Up Close & Personal
Toprang: € 156
Section 1: € 140,-
Section 2: € 128,-

Classics in the Nieuwe Kerk
Toprang: € 93,60

Section 1: € 84,-
Section 2: € 76,80

Combination Series
Toprang: € 218,40
Section 1: € 196,-
Section 2: € 179,20

All prices include cloakroom and drink during intermission
More information on this and other (mini) series can be found here.


Over the next few months, work is underway at Amare to repair the sunken vibration dampers of the Concertzaal and Conservatory Hall. The work will take place from June through October 2022. We are doing our best to keep inconvenience to a minimum.

Do you have questions about your concert attendance? See if your question is among the frequently asked questions or contact the box office at (070) 88 00 333 or


Amare is the new theater and conference center of the Netherlands. With four theater halls, Amare offers a sea of space for concerts, performances, events and conferences for up to 4,500 visitors.

Spui 150
2511 DG The Hague

The chamber music living room of the Residentie Orkest. The Nieuwe Kerk is a church building on the Spui in the center of The Hague. After a thorough renovation, the church has been transformed into an intimate place to enjoy beautiful concerts.


Nieuwe Kerk
Spui 175
2511 BM The Hague