Funds and Foundations

The Residentie Orkest receives support for important projects from foundations and funds. Thanks to these contributions, children in the learning orchestra The Residents receive weekly music lessons, our musicians travel into neighborhoods, and we are able to design special artistic projects. The Residentie Orkest is very grateful to all funds and foundations for their indispensable contributions.

Our Projects

For more than a decade, The Residents has been the education project of the Residentie Orkest. With The Residents, children are introduced to music, choose an instrument they would like to learn to play, and then receive weekly lessons in small groups at school. All groups from the school together form a learning orchestra. The following foundations and funds contribute to The Residents

The Residentie Orkest has set itself the goal of allowing every Hague resident to experience the power of music. With Symphony 2030, we want to inspire the residents of The Hague to share important messages and personal stories through music. The following foundations and funds are contributing to Symphony 2030.

For schools, we developed the three-year music program Discover the Orchestra. Students are taught at school by music teachers and orchestra members, go on concert and rehearsal visits, play along with musicians at a concert and even conduct them! The following foundations and funds contribute to Discover the Orchestra.

In its long history, Residentie Orkest has always played an active role in the development and performance of (recently composed) Dutch music. From our orchestral history it also feels like a valuable assignment to give Dutch music an emphatic role again. The following foundations and funds contribute to New Dutch Work.

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