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Without teamwork, the Residentie Orkest would not be able to perform. Through the magic of music, we can play, connect, organise, solve, astonish, build, inspire, contribute, care for the community and brighten daily lives. Interested in joining us on our journey?

If you are ambitious, would like to develop your talents with us and believe that teamwork is the key to success, get in touch.

The Residentie Orkest has been setting the tone as a symphony orchestra for nearly 120 years. We're proud of that. We have a rich, surprising and daring repertoire and perform the finest compositions. But that's not all we do. The Residentie Orkest is at the beating heart of The Hague. We want to connect and enrich the community through educational programmes, social projects and exciting collaborations with cultural organisations.This is how we build a diverse audience across the city, along with residents and our partners.

Does this make your heart beat faster? Would you like to contribute to our success? Read more about working with the orchestra and our staff below.

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Would you like to join us at the Residentie Orkest? View our vacancies here.

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Would you like to know what it's like to play in our orchestra? Read all about being a musician in the Residentie Orkest here.

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Would you like to see what it takes to build a symphony orchestra? Find out what it's like to work on our staff here.

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