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Residentie Orkest

Our vision

Our music inspires, initiates dialogue, brings wonder, tells history and stimulates reflection on current events. With our music we play an important role in reaching and connecting all residents and visitors of The Hague. The Residentie Orkest perfectly matches The Hague; the international, diplomatic, political and royal city by the sea. We offer a top quality musical experience with an adventurous and dynamic character.

Our music, live performances and educational programs connect, challenge, surprise and delight. Our artistic interpretation of music creates that unique moment where music, sometimes centuries old, is suddenly totally contemporary again. The orchestra is always looking for the relevance of music in a contemporary, young and fresh way.

Meet the musicians and conductors of the RO

Meet the Orchestra

For enthusiasts & explorers

We offer a musical experience for all residents and visitors of The Hague. For enthusiasts, new residents, professionals, from young to old. We let you enjoy beautiful sounds in atmospheric surroundings. Or join us on an adventure during concerts into the city, accessible concerts like Masterclassics and Symphonic Junction or concerts during Iftar and Divali. And discover how beautiful and versatile symphonic music is.

Lifelong learning

Educational activities and talent development to engage, enthuse and inspire children, youth and adults. We do this in primary and secondary schools, as well as in guiding future professionals (students Royal Conservatoire The Hague) but also during workshops, introductions, Starters and Instrument Gardens.

Business card for The Hague

We are the calling card for the city of The Hague: the residential top orchestra as host during holidays, official events and gatherings. We offer customized hospitality and events for the (international) diplomatic and business market.


We are of, for, in, and from the city of The Hague. As such, we are connected to the position The Hague occupies in the Netherlands and the world: royal city by the sea, city of peace and justice, diplomatic city and socially engaged city. We are connected both to the highly educated, international administrative circles and to the capillaries of the city. We know the city, have a connecting function and use that function to make the city even more beautiful.


True inspiration comes from good examples: people who show it on stage. Playing in and being part of Residentie Orkest, means making, and enabling classical music at the highest level. Music is the instrument, but not the end point. We push people to think, to act, and to go for the greatest ideals. Collaborate. Realizing. Enthusiasm. Passion. Always improving. Initiating. Ambitions. These are the building blocks of inspiration. And thus an important building block of our DNA.


Hospitable is about making someone feel welcome. Making someone feel comfortable. Engaging. Providing service. But more than that, it's about taking someone into the wonderful world that music creates. Removing boundaries and giving people the right information at the right time in the right way so that that world becomes theirs. Taking people by the hand and making them feel at home. Providing inclusivity. And it's about making connections. About working together. About being part of a greater whole. For an orchestra, working together, in addition to individual quality, is the key to hospitality.
"The Residentie Orkest is innovative in all areas [...]. A fresh, alert and eager ensemble sounds now."

- The Volkskrant

A place where talent thrives

Would you like to be part of our talented orchestra? We're often looking for new talent!

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Foundation the Residentie Orkest

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NL18 RABO 0128 7623 81

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Supervisory Board Residentie Orkest

Henk Breukink (chairman)
Marielle Vogt (member and chairman audit committee)
Bianca Maasdamme (member)
Arnold Marinissen (member)
Juliëtte Dufornee (member)
Mahanaïm Singadji (member)