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Residentie Orkest

Our Vision

Our music inspires, encourages dialogue, brings wonder, unfolds history and stimulates reflection on current events. It plays an important role in reaching and connecting residents and visitors to The Hague of all ages and knowledge of music. The Residentie Orkest is a perfect match with The Hague: an international metropolis by the sea and the heart of Dutch royal and political life as well as world diplomacy. We offer a top-quality, dynamic musical experience full of adventure. 

Our music, live performances and educational programmes connect, challenge, surprise and delight people. Through our artistic interpretation, we provide a modern twist to sometimes centuries-old music. The orchestra always goes looking for the relevance of the music in a young, new and contemporary way.

Meet the musicians and conductors of the RO

Meet the Orchestra

For Enthusiasts & Novices

We offer residents and visitors to The Hague a magical musical experience for all ages, whether you are an avid enthusiast or new to classical music. Listen to enchanting music in an intimate setting, a spectacular city concert, start with an easy-to-access MasterClassics or Symphonic Junction concert or join us for Iftar or Diwali. Discover just how breathtaking and varied symphonic music can be.

Lifelong Learning

We provide educational activities and talent development programmes to engage, enthuse and inspire children, young people and adults alike. We work with primary and secondary schools, guide future professional musicians (students at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague) and organise workshops, introductions, Starters and Instrument Gardens.

The Orchestra of The Hague

As the residential orchestra of The Hague, the Residentie Orkest plays host to holiday celebrations, official events and gatherings. We offer customised hospitality services and events for the international diplomatic and business communities.


The Residentie Orkest is an orchestra from and for The Hague. We feel deeply connected to the city and the position it occupies in the Netherlands and the wider world. The Hague is the royal city by the sea, the seat of the Dutch government, the diplomatic centre of the Netherlands and the international city of peace and justice. We're connected to all aspects of this socially engaged city, from its political and international circles to the local community. We know The Hague like the back of our hand and are committed to making it even more beautiful through the unifying force of music.


Real inspiration comes from great role models – people who shine on stage. Being a member of the Residentie Orkest means playing and promoting classical music at the highest level. Music is the instrument we use to achieve our goals. We want to encourage people to think and dream big. To take action. To work together. To make things happen. To be enthusiastic and passionate. To always strive to improve. To take initiative. To have ambition. These are the elements of inspiration, and a fundamental part of our identity.


To us, being welcoming is about more than just hosting people and making them feel comfortable and included. It's also about inviting people into the wonderful world that music creates. It's about removing barriers and offering people the right information at the right time in the right way so that this world becomes theirs, too. It's about taking people by the hand and making them feel at home. It's about being accessible and inclusive. And it's about forging connections. About working together. About being part of a greater whole. For an orchestra, working together – in addition to individual quality – is the key to being a welcoming host.
"The Residentie Orkest is innovative in all areas [...]. The current ensemble sounds lively, alert and eager."

- The Volkskrant

A place where talent thrives

Would you like to be part of our talented orchestra? We are regulary on the lookout for new talent!

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Stichting het Residentie Orkest

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Supervisory Board Residentie Orkest

Henk Breukink (chairman)
David Blackmon (member and chairman audit committee)
Juliëtte Dufornee (member)
Johan Gijsen (member)
Bianca Maasdamme (member)
Mahanaïm Singadji (member)