Music education for primary and secondary schools

Learning with the Residentie Orkest

Participating, experiencing and making music with the orchestra – that's at the heart of learning about music at the Residentie Orkest. We invite primary and secondary school students into the symphonic world of great composers, beautiful works and passionate musicians. A wonderful world that amazes, enriches and inspires.

We offer both longer-term projects and one-off lessons, with activities either on or off school premises. You can opt for a ready-made or a fully customised programme. Our educational offer is in line with the educational goals of primary and secondary education in the Netherlands.

Continue to read below to find out more about what we can do for primary, secondary and international schools.

Primary Schools

We organise school performances and workshops with music that will appeal to schoolchildren.

Secondary Schools

Our workshops for secondary school students are a great addition to any music education curriculum. We also offer customised programmes.

International Schools

Music has no language barrier! Our concerts and workshops are also suitable for international curricula.