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Ein deutsches Requiem

Sunday, May 7
14:15 hours

No requiem is as loving as Johannes Brahms'. Where the traditional requiem mass is about the fear of the great unknown, Brahms creates a heartwarming composition as a consolation for those left behind. This is where Sibelius' Last symphony fits wonderfully. For in a whirlwind of musical impressions, a radiant melody leads to an illuminating end. 

Due to circumstances, our chief conductor Anja Bihlmaier is unfortunately unable to come. We are delighted to have found an excellent replacement in conductor Lawrence Renes.


Who is playing?

Residentie Orkest The Hague
Annual reach of over 40,000 schoolchildren, adults and amateur musicians in educational projects. Part of this is The Residents, through which the orchestra brings hundreds of children from districts in The Hague into contact with classical music.
Lawrence Renes
Katrien Baerts
Belgian soprano Katrien Baerts is known for her powerful and sensual voice and her profound and sincere interpretation.
Raoul Steffani
Dutch baritone Raoul Steffani is this year's winner of the prestigious Dutch Music Prize.
Capella Amsterdam
Over the past fifty years, Cappella Amsterdam has grown to become one of the best-known Dutch chamber choirs. Through its continuous commitment to talent development, composition commissions and dedication to groundbreaking projects and programs, Cappella Amsterdam is a driving force behind choral music in the Netherlands and beyond. With great regularity, Cappella Amsterdam seeks out the boundaries of choral music by entering into new and unique connections, in which the essence of the choir is questioned and its possibilities stretched to the limit. Cappella Amsterdam aims to present the choral repertoire in all its richness. That is why it performs all choral works - from the early Middle Ages to the present - with the sound that is so unique to Cappella Amsterdam and always with full devotion. This is how Cappella Amsterdam keeps the rich choral canon alive, sincere, close and accessible.The conductor is Daniel Reuss.

Fun fact

Johannes Brahms  

(Hamburg, May 17, 1833 - Vienna, April 3, 1897) 

Brahms in the Netherlands 

Brahms visited the Netherlands several times to conduct or solo his own works. However, he did not like a performance in Amsterdam, and afterwards he is said to have said to his friend Julius Röntgen, "To Amsterdam I come back only to eat and drink well. 

Nice to know 

After his Seventh Symphony , the cake was largely over for Sibelius. He composed one more major work, the symphonic poem Tapiola , and then he called it a day. In the thirty years that remained of his life, he largely kept away from music. Around 1945 he even burned everything he had left in terms of sketches and manuscripts in the fireplace of his villa Ainola near Helsinki. 


The premiere of Ein deutsches Requiem in Bremen's great Cathedral Church on Good Friday 1868 must have made an indelible impression on Brahms. His closest friends were present, including the famous violinist Joseph Joachim. He himself conducted and several friendly singers sang the solo parts. But best of all, just before the concert, his aged father Johann Jacob, on the arm of Brahms' heart friend Clara Schumann, entered the church after which they took their seats together. 

Today in the orchestra

Naomi Bach

1st Violin
I have a beautiful Marconcini from Ferrara from 1784, on loan from the NMF. When I went to try some violins in 2007 I was immediately sold at the beautiful sound of this instrument. I am very happy that I still get to play it!

Miriam Kirby

Often I am completely in love with the music I am playing or listening to at the time, whatever it is. Delightful is that!

Dorian Cooke

The bassoon, and the world it opened up for me, was the best thing that could have happened to me as an insecure adolescent.
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