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Viotta Circle

As the founder of the Residentie Orkest , conductor Henri Viotta believed like no other in the need for an exceptional Hague orchestra and in the impact of music on society.

From € 1,000 per year you join with two people or with a changing guest and support our big dreams. Lending all children in The Hague an instrument and giving them music lessons, for example. Continue to play in nursing homes and community centers. And guiding young soloists and conductors at the beginning of an international career. Classical music at the highest level accessible to everyone. That and much more we can do thanks to the Viotta Circle.

With your support, we can
  • Getting the best musicians to perform at the highest level

  • The Residents Stadsorkest expand from 9 to 30 schools

  • Professionally mentor young talent from Royal Conservatoire The Hague

  • Bringing classical music from Amare to The Hague neighborhoods and schoolsSu

Join and receive

  • Priority on ticket sales
  • Twice an invitation to a wonderful Viotta evening
  • An invitation to the Prinsjesdag- and New Year's concert
  • Personal point of contact

Join the Viotta Circle

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We use music to make The Hague an inclusive, inspiring and harmonious city.
RO in the City
Participating, experiencing and making music with the musicians of the orchestra – that's music education at the Residentie Orkest.
We believe it's important to give young musical talent the opportunity to develop and grow.
Talent Development

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