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Participate, experience and make music yourself with the musicians of the orchestra: that is music education at Residentie Orkest. Regularly during our lessons, introverted students crawl out of their shell and tough youngsters dare to show their sensitive side. We have developed teaching programs and workshops for primary and secondary schools that focus on broadening musical knowledge, learning new skills and stimulating creativity. Our dream is to make this possible for all children in The Hague.
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We need your support for

  • Tools and guidance to expand The Residents to even more schools 

  • The lowest possible price for the teaching packages to be accessible to all Hague schools

  • Developing new teaching packages so that we stay in tune with the perceptions and (musical) interests of schoolchildren

  • A broad and appropriate offering for different learning layers and levels

  • Developing new school performances 

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Playing as a percussionist with the Residentie Orkest, standing in front of the orchestra as a conductor or trying out different orchestral instruments.
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