Discover the Orchestra

Playing as a percussionist with the Residentie Orkest, standing in front of the orchestra as a conductor or trying out different orchestral instruments. Is there any better way to bring music to life? In the Discover the Orchestra project, students from grade 6 upwards explore the world of tones, timbre, rhythms and sounds for three years. They receive lessons at school from music teachers and orchestra members, go on concert and rehearsal visits to Amare and play along with musicians at a concert.

With your support, we achieve per season

  • 1500 students
  • 11 schools
  • 15 young conductors

Discover the Orchestra is a three-year music program in which the Residentie Orkest in cooperation with Kunst Onderwijs organisation Den Haag (KOO) introduces 1,500 pupils from The Hague to professional classical music practice. It is designed for schools that want to make music a focal point of their program.

It opens the door for students to active cultural participation. They get to know theaters from the inside, meet musicians, make music themselves, direct musicians and learn to compose. But not only that. While engaged in music, students also learn to communicate, collaborate, and think critically and creatively.

Discover the Orchestra is a learning line for students ages ten and up (grade 6) that continues throughout the rest of their time in elementary school. Each year, students receive several lessons including a musician in class, the conductor's case and a behind-the-scenes look at the Residentie Orkest. In grade 8, students participate in the conducting project. This project culminates in a festive finale in which a number of students conduct the full orchestra in the Concert Hall of Amare under the guidance of our chief conductor Anja Bihlmaier. Of course, all classmates are present as audience members. An experience never to be forgotten!

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Thanks to you, Nora will have the opportunity to conduct the Residentie Orkest at the final concert of Discover the Orchestra.