The Residents

For more than a decade, the hundreds of students of The Residents have been making their music heard throughout The Hague and conquering the hearts of their listeners. They learn that making music is not only about the right stick posture or good breath support, but also that you dare to show yourself.

Your support enables

  • 435 Residents receive weekly music lessons
  • 8 learning orchestras play together weekly
  • The Residents can perform 10 times a year for audiences
The Residents

For more than a decade, The Residents has been the education project of the Residentie Orkest. With The Residents, children are extensively introduced to music, choose an instrument they want to learn to play, and then receive weekly lessons in small groups at school. All groups from the school together form a learning orchestra.

The children who participate are mostly from vulnerable neighborhoods of The Hague. They are in groups 5-8 of primary and special education and participate through their schools. We have been working successfully with many of these schools for over a decade.

The Residents Stadsorkest

Since 2018, The Residents Stadsorkest has also been part of the project. All children from The Hague can participate in the Stadsorkest, regardless of their musical background and knowledge. Every Wednesday afternoon they come together in Theater De Vaillant to make music together. A great example of connection through music!  

"My daughter has gained pleasure in music and self-confidence. At the performance at Prinsjesdag , I saw a somewhat timid girl beaming confidently on stage. "

- Mother participant City Orchestra The Residents

The Residents Academy

The Residents Academy is designed for secondary school students who want to continue with the Residents project after elementary school. Elementary school students who want more are also welcome. Every Tuesday afternoon, students at The Residents Academy are taught in groups in Amare

We would like...

All Hague children with musical dreams can get music lessons. Even children who do not receive or cannot afford it from home. With your donation we can establish learning orchestras at many more schools.