Bequeathing to the Residentie Orkest

Music forever

As a great lover of the Residentie Orkest , you know better than anyone what music can do in life. The classics are classic because they continue to be played.

This is not a given - this is what Residentie Orkest has been committed to for more than a century. How wonderful is it if future generations continue to experience the power of this music? By including the Residentie Orkest in your will, you contribute to this.

We take great care with your legacy to Residentie Orkest . We will ensure that your legacy is well-disposed of and, if desired, discuss options with you during your lifetime.

"Culture has always given us great pleasure and inspiration. I like to pass that on!"

- Lex Sip, passport holder Residentie Orkest

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We use music to make The Hague an inclusive, inspiring and harmonious city.
RO in the City
We believe it's important to give young musical talent the opportunity to develop and grow.
Talent Development
Participating, experiencing and making music with the musicians of the orchestra – that's music education at the Residentie Orkest.

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