Inner Choices

Friday 19 April
Amare Concert Hall, The Hague
From €20
Conductor: Andrew Grams
Baritone: Manuel Walser
Unfortunately, this concert has already taken place. But not to worry! We will be playing many more concerts soon.
This RO NOW is all about exciting quests and choices: when was the last time you made a choice that turned your world upside down?

Everyone makes choices. Out of character, love, idealism.... Sometimes out of desire and sometimes out of necessity. Tonight during a special RO NOW we will explore together the choices of Mahler and Franck and.... To the choices we ourselves make. It is ultimately your choices that shape you.

Before the concert begins, we'll zoom in on the choices we make during various activities taking place from 7 p. m. at several locations at Amare . For example, come to the dazzling interactive supporting act by Mike Boddé, or the 'Inner Choices Talk'. Afterwards you can linger in the foyer where DJ FABEL plays records and the drinks are cold.

Inner Choices Talk

Maaike Schoon

Maaike Schoon is a journalist and has presented the VPRO program Buitenhof since 2021.

Steven Pont

Systems Therapist
Steven Pont is a developmental psychologist, systems therapist and author of books, columns and articles.

Karmit Fadael

Karmit Fadael is a composer and, among other things, composed the piece "Mei Inoar," which was performed by the Residentie Orkest .

How do we make choices and what do they say about us? Before the concert, we talk about it during the Inner Choices Talk. Presenter Maaike Schoon joins two experts in conversation at 7:45 p.m. in Foyer 3. Systems therapist and speaker Steven Pont gives insight into how personal choices are often colored by systems such as family, origin or work situation. And. Whether it is possible to break free from these. Composer Karmit Fadael zooms in on how you encounter the same dilemmas in music as in real life.

Mike Boddé

From 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m ., multi-talented Mike Boddé will show how many different ways the 12 notes can be interpreted. In a dazzling interactive supporting act, he will demonstrate the consequences of certain musical choices. Take a seat on the grandstand steps in the central hall of Amare, join in and be surprised!

5 book tips from Paagman that teach us more about making choices

Master class by conductor Andrew Grams

At the beginning of the concert, conductor Andrew Grams and baritone Manuel Walser will take you through the choices the composers made, as well as those they themselves made in interpreting this beautiful music. A unique glimpse into the lives of these greats.

Mahler & Franck

Heartbreak runs like a thread through Mahler's Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen, which he wrote as a young twenty-something in Vienna. The traveling man sings of all aspects of a broken heart, and Mahler perfectly captures all the emotions in irresistible melodies. Songs full of heartbreak, sensitively sung by award-winning baritone Manuel Walser. American guest conductor Andrew Grams, an absolute audience favorite, returns to the orchestra. He brings with him César Franck's masterpiece: his romantic Symphony in d.


During RO NOW, you will be introduced to top works, and give your weekend a special twist. Every edition the conductor will tell you briefly more about the music, illustrated with examples by the orchestra. Afterwards you can linger in the foyer where DJ FABEL plays records and the beers are cold. The first drinks are on us.