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Inner Choices

Ahead of "RO NOW: Inner Choices," we asked Fabian Paagman for 5 book tips that teach us more about making choices.

Fabian Paagman runs the family business Paagman with his sister Nadine. How best to describe them? Progressive, ambitious and a tad stubborn. Every day in the bookstore is full of choices: which books to buy and where to put them in the store? Which book is the right choice for the visitor looking for a last minute birthday present? And do we go for that one leap of faith or not? A great time to discuss this together in the run-up to RO NOW: Inner Choices on April 19.

Since the establishment of Paagman in 1951, the choices of several generations of Paagman have created the family business that stands today. What started as one bookstore has now grown into a large family with about 150 colleagues and 5 stores: on Frederik Hendriklaan, in the center of The Hague, in Delft, in Leidschendam and recently also in Gouda. And there is an extensive webshop. 

The music of Mahler and Franck illustrates the choices they made in their quest to become whatever composer they wanted to be. It is ultimately the choices you make that shape you. This resonates with Paagman's ideals: "In every part of Paagman - our website, activities and events, opening hours, telephone accessibility, newsletters - we try to excel. We want every contact with us to be the highlight of everyone's day. The choices we make in this are very important. We sell a lot, but never no. My own choices one day in the bookstore are only a small part of the bigger picture. After all, we are completely independent. Think about our catering and administration, as well as our window design and our social media: we do everything all by ourselves. I have to trust that all the choices our colleagues make every day are in line with the Paagman DNA. But actually, that's just one of the things I have no doubt about."

Making choices is a major topic in books. From self-help book to literature. From cookbook to children's book. Fabian Paagman shares five tips.

The Power of Choice

Kelly Weekers

In this personal book, Kelly Weekers takes you through the questions she asks herself to keep choosing what makes her happy. Without deciding for you what to do, Kelly gives you insights to make the right choices in your life as well.

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North Woods

Daniel Mason

By traversing cycles of history, nature and even literature, North Woods shows us the myriad, magical ways in which we are connected to our environment and each other through choice , across time, language and space.

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The Baking Tray

Rukmini Iyer

"What shall we eat tonight? It's a choice we have to make every day, so then it's nice when the answer is as simple as possible. Baking tray queen Rukmini Iyer has selected her favorite recipes from her books for you.

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Where is Big Brother?

Linde Faas

A little frog must choose to leave his safe nest to look for big brother. Exciting! Extra fun: on each page you can search together for Big Brother who is hiding somewhere.

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The choice

Edith Eva Eger

Edith Eva Eger was 16 years old when she was deported to Auschwitz in 1944. Her fearlessness helped her and her sister survive. At The Choice Dr. Eger shares her war memories and the remarkable stories of others. And how everyone can ultimately choose freedom.

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