For all Hague children with a musical dream

The Residents Stadsorkest

The Residents Stadsorkest is for all elementary school children ages 8 and up from all over The Hague. It does not matter if you cannot practice much at home, if you have been playing an instrument for years or have only recently started - everyone is welcome to play with this orchestra!

The city orchestra is primarily about having fun making music together. The young orchestra members can enjoy the sociability of an orchestra, and sit 'first Section' to admire the beautiful sounds of the professional musicians playing along. The children, of course, also take music lessons themselves. Not necessarily from sheet music for which you need to be able to read notes, but mainly by ear. We learn the pieces in a playful way, by listening, imitating and improvising. Singing, moving and clapping are also an important part of the lesson.  

The Residents Stadsorkest regularly performs at beautiful and special locations in The Hague. For example in the Royal Theater, JulianaPlaza, and of course in the new home of the Residentie Orkest: Amare

Help us continue to share music

Every contribution, big or small, is very welcome and helps (us) continue to share our music with as many people as possible.

Ruth van de Putte, Head of Education:

'School music lessons allow children to participate in a piece of culture that they think is not meant for them. The social component of making music is very important. It's about the children feeling like musicians and developing self-confidence. Some children can barely read notes after a few years, but can improvise, move to music and sing. It is another wish to attract teachers from culturally diverse backgrounds, for example Turkish or Hindustani. They could serve as role models.'

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