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The Paper Puppet (4+)

Sunday, February 11
11:00 hour until approximately 12:00 p.m.

Puppet of Paper puts your imagination to work. A magical performance for young and old that captures the imagination

Everything has a beginning and an end, but that end is another beginning of something new. You can go on like this indefinitely. Even with paper. This new performance shows how the puppet searches for a friend. The puppet finds a white balloon, dances with a mermaid and sees the most beautiful creatures pass by.

Three puppeteers tell the wordless story, leaving nothing to chance. An ensemble from the Residentie Orkest accompanies the paper with notes specially arranged by Thomas Beijer. After seeing and hearing this performance, paper will never be just paper again.

Are you also coming to play in our Instrument Garden?

Would you like to try out different instruments? Come honk, ping and drum along with the musicians of the orchestra. The Instrument Garden will be open prior to the morning concert and after the afternoon concert. Check the Schedule for details.


Ensemble Residentie Orkest
Aniek Stokkers, Dennis de Groot & Christiaan Koetsier
Jan Paul de Bondt music
Thomas Beijer arrangements
Mark Haayema direction


Performance 1
10 a.m. - doors open
10 a.m. - Instrument Garden & coffee/tea/squash 
11 a.m. - concert
12 p.m. - end of concert (note: no catering)

Fold your own hat!

In the performance all kinds of things are made of paper, do you want to fold something yourself to take to the concert? Then use these folding instructions to make your own hat!

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