The Residents Stadsorkest

Christmas Concert

On Wednesday, Dec. 21, The Residents Stadsorkest gave a Christmas concert as part of Open Amare. A surprise of Christmas music, pop music and classical music resounded through Amare.

The Residents Stadsorkest
The Residents Stadsorkest is for all elementary school children ages 8 and up from all over The Hague. It does not matter if you cannot practice much at home, if you have been playing an instrument for years or have only recently started - everyone is welcome to gain experience with classical music and playing in an orchestra. Every week the city orchestra rehearses at Theater de Vaillant. Children from different schools who participate in the learning orchestra come together and, above all, learn to enjoy music. 

Open Amare
At Open Amare the creative energy of The Hague gets a stage. The programs are free to visit and always different. From hip-hop battles on the Tribunetrap to lunch concerts, workshops for children or ongoing exhibitions and installations on the Kunstenplein. 

Photos: Jorieke de Vet

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