Music on Your Doorstep

"A very different way to delight people with music!"

At Music at your doorstep , musicians from the Residentie Orkest bring music right to your front door. Neighbors who have never met before get to know each other in a low-threshold way during these neighborhood concerts.

Thus, this initiative provides more connection between neighborhood residents who feel lonely or barely get out of the house. Music at your doorstep is part of Symphony 2030, the social programming of the Residentie Orkest. 

Trumpeter Robert-Jan recently stood with four fellow orchestra members on the skate track of the Haagse Sport Centrale in Laak. They were not the only performers: three breakdancers from the Haags Hiphop Centrum (H3C) also showed off their skills.

"A very different way to delight people with music! The combination of music and dance, and then also in a skate park - those are the unique moments of Music at your doorstep", says Robert-Jan. "Making music with so much fun and working together with a dance group where the enthusiasm is dripping off, that's what we do it for!"

More beautiful than on CD

On the sidewalk, in the park or from a courtyard garden: all kinds of locations are visited during Music at your doorstep . For example, Mara Oosterbaan (violin) and Timur Yakubov (viola) played Mozart duos from the terrace of Library Nieuw-Waldeck.

Maarten Jansen (68) is there with his buddy Willy de Vries (93), invited by our partner Foundation Buddy Network. "To be honest, I prefer Bach myself," Maarten confesses. "But Mozart is also beautiful, we've had to miss live music for so long." His buddy Willy totally agrees: "I enjoyed it tremendously. It sounds even better than on a CD. From me they could have played on for quite a while."

Music at your doorstep In Loosduinen, New Waldeck Library
Music at your doorstep in Laak, Haagse Sport Centrale

More Music at your doorstep?

Music at your doorstep is intended for people who would not be so quick to go to Concert Hall themselves. "Ideally, we want to perform the music to as many people as possible," says project leader Fonda Sahla. In the future, more Music at your doorstep-performances will be organized in Transvaal, Laakkwartier, Schilderswijk and Scheveningen, among others.

Music at your doorstep In Transvaal, Food Bank Horse Mountain
Friends for Music at your doorstep

Music at your doorstep is made possible in part by the Friends of the Residentie Orkest. Also contributing to this project? Become a Friend!