One Minute Symphony

Jasper de Bock
"That every day new things happen and every day is different for Petru, that's what I'm going to work with."

- Jasper de Bock

Dutch composition student Jasper de Bock looked for inspiration in the center of The Hague for his One Minute Symphony. He wanted to meet a street news vendor, because you see them every day, yet you don't know them. Jasper spoke with Romanian Street News vendor Petru. With the help of our concertmaster Lucian-Leonard Raiciof as translator, Jasper got a picture of Petru's outlook on life and how he experiences his days and the passage of time on the streets. Hear how Jasper transforms Petru's character and thoughts into music at the premiere of his One Minute Symphony on Friday, Dec. 1, at 8:15 p.m. at Amare.

Jasper de Bock with Petru and concertmaster Lucian-Leonard Raiciof
Listen to Jasper de Bock's One Minute Symphony live at the "Rachmaninov 2" concert on Friday, Dec. 1.