Quest for beauty

Beauty Talk

The RO NOW on November 3 will be very special. Together we will search for the essence of beauty. Aesthetics, art, kitsch, personal taste, inspiration. It will all be discussed.

This evening is a unique opportunity. Not only because of all the beauty we are going to hear, but also because we challenge you to philosophize together about the concept of beauty. So an evening that will hopefully bring us new knowledge, insights and inspiration!

Beauty Talk

How can beauty be defined? How does it move us? Does it exist? We know that when we experience beauty suddenly, it envelops us with happiness. But why it happens, and how, that remains a mystery. Led by Yuki Kho, these three experts shine their light on this mysterious phenomenon. With their very different areas of expertise, this promises to be an exciting conversation.

Director of Museum Voorlinden, Suzanne Swarts, did the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and then studied art marketing at the University of Groningen. In 2006, she became curator of the Caldic Collection, the art collection of Joop van Caldenborgh. Together with him, she built Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar, which opened its doors in 2016. From this position, she gives relevant contemporary art a stage. We are curious if beauty plays a role in these choices.

Cosmetic physician Drs. Robert Schoemacher is the leading doctor in the field of cosmetic treatments in the Netherlands. With over thirty years of experience, he is the specialist in the field of injectables. You probably know him because of his many TV appearances. The author of the book Beauty is on the outside brings a very personal view of the concept of beauty.

Monique Roelofs is professor of philosophy of art and culture at the University of Amsterdam. Her research takes place at the interface between aesthetics and politics. In several publications she has paid attention to the role of beauty, and the promises that beauty often holds, such as promises of happiness and freedom, as well as the underside of these promises and the aspects of play and desire expressed in beauty. This very year, her co-edited book Black Art and Aesthetics: Relationalities, Interiorities, Reckonings will be published by Bloomsbury.

Join us on Nov. 3 for the Beauty Talk and concert