Step into a fairytale world

Swan Lake

(For all ages)
  • 08 February | 11:00
  • 08 February | 1:30 p.m.
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Saturday 08 February -
Saturday 08 February
Amare Concert Hall, The Hague
From €11
Conductor: Chloe Rooke
Directed by: Fons Merkies

This fairy tale tells the story of a prince who falls in love with a beautiful swan princess, Odette. She is enchanted by an evil magician and can only become human if someone truly loves her. But the magician wants to prevent this and sends his daughter, who looks exactly like the swan princess, to the prince's ball. Can the prince recognise the real swan princess?

Swan Lake is a beautiful performance with music by Tchaikovsky. He uses different melodies to represent the characters and their feelings. For example, you'll hear a sad and graceful theme when Odette introduces herself to the prince, a cheerful and lively waltz when the prince celebrates his birthday and a tense and menacing motif when the magician plots his schemes. With enchanting puppetry, animations, set design and acting, we'll bring this wonderful fairy tale to life.

Come play in our Instrument Garden!
Have you always wanted to play the flute, piano or drums? You are welcome to come play along with our orchestra musicians before or after the concert. The Instrument Garden will be open for one hour before or after the concert.