The great love story

Romeo and Juliet


12 April | 11:00
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Saturday 12 April
Amare Concert Hall, The Hague
From €11
Conductor: Sander Teepen
Directed by: Caecilia Thunnissen

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is arguing. Romeo and Juliet know better than anyone how frustrating that can be: ever since Shakespeare, things haven't ended well for the two of them. It's time to change that! Fortunately, the famous composer Tchaikovsky took pity on the couple and wrote a beautiful new overture about their story. And with such beautiful music, who wouldn't stop fighting and start dancing and singing instead? It's much more fun!

In a world that seems increasingly divided, it's hard to see how you can still live together in harmony. But music can help and heal! Romeo and Juliet teach us the importance of love and friendship. And not just that. Because the whole audience has to work together to make sure the story will end well, you'll get to see this famous love story from a whole new angle. Together with Romeo and Juliet, you'll choose a whole new ending for them – with beautiful music, the catchiest songs, a lot of humour, and of course... love!

Come play in our Instrument Garden! 

Have you always wanted to play the flute, piano or drums? You are welcome to come play along with our orchestra musicians after the concert. The Instrument Garden will be open for one hour after the concert.