With our artist in residence

Mozart, Beethoven & Stravinsky

Friday 8 December
Amare Concert Hall, The Hague
From €34
Conductor: Jun Märkl
Violin: Josef Špaček
Unfortunately, this concert has already taken place. But not to worry! We will be playing many more concerts soon.

Virtuoso, playful, subtle and dramatic. Beethoven wrote the violin concerto of all violin concertos. You not only hear it, you feel it. Majestic and of unparalleled beauty. Delicately and passionately played by top violinist Josef Špaček, conducted by regular guest conductor Jun Märkl. Mozart's Haffner Symphony also brings light. So nice in these dark days.

Tonight the Residentie Orkest overwhelms you with Mozart's Haffner Symphony. Jun Märkl, with lyrical strings, keeps the prominent winds in check until the Last timpani beat. And as with Beethoven's Violin Concerto, very occasionally a small, subtle gesture from our guest conductor is enough for that. Enough to give our artist in residence Josef Špaček free reign with his solo violin. Between Beethoven and Mozart, tonight we hear another child prodigy: Igor Stravinsky. You can hear the Russian string tradition in his Concerto in D.

"Josef Špaček is one of today's fascinating artists. He impressively manages to lift notes by a wide variety of composers from the score and translate them into personal stories of integrity."

- Sven Arne Tepl, general and artistic director Residentie Orkest

Jun Märkl
Josef Špaček