Breathtaking music

Bruckner's Symphony No. 7

friday, 03 may
Amare Concert Hall, The Hague
From € 34,-
Conductor: Anja Bihlmaier
Violin: Josef Špaček
Unfortunately, this concert has already taken place. But not to worry! We will be playing many more concerts soon.

Bruckner's Seventh Symphony is a musical cathedral. Of a beauty that touches deeply. Chief conductor Anja Bihlmaier takes you from heartbreaking pain to exuberant joy, from ominous danger to triumphant fanfare. Alban Berg's Violin Concerto is also delicate and moving. In Berg's sorrow for a child, you recognize echoes of the Bach chorale Es ist Genug. A moving start to a breathtaking evening.

Performing Berg's Violin Concerto in The Hague was a deeply cherished wish of artist in residence Josef Špaček. He diligently prepares you for Bruckner's emotional rollercoaster with a mournful Berg and Bach. The second movement alone is of unearthly beauty. Rich string sounds precede a long, lyrical funeral march in tribute to the deceased opera giant Richard Wagner. It leaves you silent.

"Josef Špaček is one of today's fascinating artists. He impressively manages to lift notes by a wide variety of composers from the score and translate them into personal stories of integrity."

- Sven Arne Tepl, general and artistic director Residentie Orkest

Anja Bihlmaier
Josef Špaček