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RO NOW: Ein deutsches Requiem 

May 05 | 8:30 p.m.
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friday, 05 may
Concertzaal Amare, The Hague
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conductor: Anja Bihlmaier
choir: Cappella Amsterdam

During a casual evening in RO NOW, you will get to know the classical masters in a whole new way. With this time: the influence of death on the work of Brahms, in a special death mass.

'Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.' Ein deutsches Requiem opens with these words from Matthew (5:4). Johannes Brahms wrote a death mass after the death of his mother that does not accompany the dead to a peaceful end, but offers support to those they leave behind. For Brahms, it was precisely in this that God's unconditional love could be found.  

In doing so, Brahms captures a softer religious tone than can be heard in classical requiems - the German composer is known for his freer religious views. Cappella Amsterdam sets a peaceful tone for all who need it, led by Anja Bihlmaier, chief conductor of the Residentie Orkest. Soloists are Katrien Baerts and Raoul Steffani. This is the first time this work will be heard in the Concertzaal at Amare .  

RO NOW will open your ears, broaden your view and deepen your taste. On this night, immerse yourself in the classics. A short and powerful concert will give you a shot of symphonic. In a brief introduction, the conductor explains what makes this particular cello solo special, why the composer insisted on making this excursion, how exactly this passage changed everything. An experience that will give your weekend a special twist. Without intermission, but with drinks and a DJ afterwards.