Lecture on sustainability with music

Sustainability talk

NOTE: English will be spoken.
Make music, not trash!

With the concertMan and Nature, we draw attention to the impact of our current way of life on our environment. Tobias Melle's "Pastoral Symphony in Images" will be shown during Beethoven's Sixth Symphony. He bridges the gap between Beethoven's romantic approach to nature and the current topics of environmental protection and climate crisis. He will take you through his work using fragments. 

Also guests are Vivi Vassileva, one of today's best percussionists and composer Gregor Mayrhofer. Vivi will solo in the Dutch premiere of Gregor Mayrhofer'sRecycling Concerto. An experimental piece in which she plays on recycled materials and utensils, challenging the concept of "waste. They talk about the piece and, of course, give a demonstration.

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