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The Residents

Learning orchestras for schools in the primary education

Education level
group 5 to 8

At The Residents, students from schools in The Hague are given the opportunity to develop musically on an instrument for 4 years. They get an instrument on loan, have weekly lessons, play together and regularly give concerts inside and outside the school.

The course starts in group 5 with lessons in which the students are introduced to the instruments they can choose in small groups. This process takes place during school hours and under the guidance of the Residents teaching team; a team of enthusiastic professional musicians. Together, all students of group 5 visit a school performance of the Residentie Orkest in Amare.

Students who choose an instrument then continue the course (mostly) after school with weekly lessons on the instrument interspersed with orchestra rehearsals. Instruments may be taken home for practice!

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