Let your class be overwhelmed in Amare

Go R.O. XL

Education level
group 5 to 8
Amare - 1 x 2.5 hours - €7.00 per student

With the whole class you will visit the Residentie Orkest. The morning begins with an introduction by a musician from the orchestra. Then the students will be given assignments and may listen to a rehearsal. Maybe something will go wrong... exciting! Then the rehearsal is discussed afterwards. Which instruments did the students see and hear? Finally, the students get to work with different instruments themselves in three short workshops: a bowed instrument, a woodwind instrument, a brass instrument and/or percussion. At the end of Go R.O. XL, the class has a better understanding of how an orchestra works and the students have experienced for themselves what it is like to play different types of instruments.

Combining is possible!

Did you know that it is possible to combine the lesson with other educational activities of ours? In this way you can create a sequence of activities through one or more years of the school. For example: a lesson prior to visiting a performance of the orchestra, where the musician can also go into what will happen during the performance. Or a musician in the classroom in the lower grades, a visit to a performance with the middle grades and a visit to the orchestra's rehearsal in the upper grades. Please indicate if you have additional requests in our booking form. We are happy to think along with you.

" The conductor also had his day and was totally swinging. It was very beautiful and fun. When we had seen everything we went back into the streetcar with the music in our heads!"


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