Take the baton


Education level
group 5 to 8
At school - 1 x 90 minutes - Price: €100 per class

One of our musicians comes into the classroom to rehearse a piece of music with the students. Using body percussion or singing, they will work with elements of the piece of music themselves. At the end of the workshop the students can conduct the piece of music and their fellow students. We bring real batons.

Combining is possible!

Did you know that it is possible to combine the lesson with other educational activities of ours? In this way you can create a sequence of activities through one or more years of the school. For example: a lesson prior to visiting a performance of the orchestra, where the musician can also go into what will happen during the performance. Or a musician in the classroom in the lower grades, a visit to a performance with the middle grades and a visit to the orchestra's rehearsal in the upper grades. Please indicate if you have additional requests in our booking form. We are happy to think along with you.

"The conductor was pretty bold, especially the way he was waving his old hair around."


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