Hague Clothing in a new look

Make art not trash

Tobias Melle- Plant for planet

Led by artists Rob van den Broek and Rita Rehorst, the children of group 7 and 8 of Onze Wereld Elementary School are giving discarded clothing a new life. They made a clothing set for each of The Hague's 44 neighborhoods, showing that we are all involved in the issue of how we deal with clothing and fashion.

The exhibition will be on display from March 18 to April 2 in the entrance hall of Amare (Spuizijde) and in the Central Library (first floor hall).

Contributing to a greener world? Donate now to "Plant for the Planet" and help plant a trillion trees.

'Make art not trash' is paired with the concert 'Man and Nature' to be played on Friday evening, March 31, at Amare.