Top musicians of tomorrow

Talent Development

Top musicians of tomorrow

The Residentie Orkest believes in fostering talent: today's students are tomorrow's professional musicians. To ensure quality future music, we work intensively with partners who specialize in developing top talent.  

For example, the students of several master programs of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague regularly contribute to the productions of the Residentie Orkest, by playing along or composing for the orchestra. And we accompany the finalists of the Dutch Violin Competition Oskar Back during their final concert. 

Collaboration Royal Conservatory of Music The Hague 

In the area of talent development, the covenant with the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (KC) forms the core of our activities. This intensive cooperation contributes to improving the career prospects of the future generation of musicians and music teachers. In addition, this partnership also promotes the qualitative influx of musicians to our orchestra in the future. 

The Residentie Orkest offers students from various master's programs the opportunity to develop in the orchestra. Master Composition students may write a one-minute symphony for the orchestra, and for musicians in training, there are ten internships within the Orchestra Master's program each year to play with the orchestra. 

One Minute Symphony 

For the One Minute Symphony project, composition students write a - the name says it all - one-minute symphony that the Residentie Orkest plays through the season prior to one of its concerts. The students draw inspiration for their piece from an encounter, artwork, person or place in the city. 

For example, Wassily Kandinsky's painting Ein Zentrum from the Hague Art Museum led to Amarante Nat's composition Severe Beauty , and Richard Hughes found inspiration in the working process of the plastics manufacturer Promolding. The tour and conversation with founder Jac Gofers resulted in Priming

Orchestra Master 

The Orchestra Master's is a collaboration between the Royal Conservatory of Music and Residentie Orkest that has existed since 2010. This unique master's specialization is entirely devoted to gaining practical experience. The Residentie Orkest offers an average of ten internships per season. After a successful trial performance, students receive an internship contract to perform orchestral productions. They are all assisted by a mentor from within the orchestra. 

The students who successfully complete this master will be placed on the substitute list. The moment a vacancy becomes available for a spot in the orchestra, we invite them to come audition. 

"Music is not only publishing and performing but also investing. Just as the KC invests in education, research and projects inside and outside Amare, the Residentie Orkest invests in our students "

- Henk van der Meulen, director Royal Conservatory of Music The Hague

National Master of Orchestra Conducting

Conductors and opera

The training of future singers and conductors is also close to the heart of Residentie Orkest . In this we cooperate with the Royal Conservatory of Music The Hague and the Conservatory of Amsterdam. 

The singing talents of the Dutch National Opera Academy (DNOA) receive musical support during their performances. And the future conductors of the National Master Orchestra Conducting receive master classes and get to walk with our chief conductor. 

National Master of Orchestra Conducting 

The National Master Orchestra Conducting (NMO) is a prestigious two-year master's program offered jointly by the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. The Residentie Orkest is one of the Dutch symphony orchestras contributing to the knowledge and skills of future conductors. 

We give master classes, for example, on the programming and positioning of orchestras in today's times by our general and artistic director Sven Arne Tepl. In addition, NMO students can regularly join productions as assistant conductors with our conductors. Mainly during the weeks when chief conductor Anja Bihlmaier is with the orchestra. Prior to our move to Amare in 2021, an additional interesting practical experience arose for two students. They were able to help think about the acoustics in the new Concertzaal during acoustic testing sessions.

Dutch National Opera Academy 

During this two-year master of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and the Conservatory of Amsterdam, talented opera singers gain singing and acting experience. DNOA produces two full-fledged operas per year in collaboration with the Residentie Orkest and others. 

For example, we previously collaborated on the productions Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss Jr., Mozart! featuring scenes from the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Radamisto by Georg Friedrich Handel. Most recently, Mozart's Die Zauberflöte was performed in the Conservatory Hall at Amare. 

Die Zauberflöte


In addition to supporting future musicians and composers who receive training through one of our partners, we also offer musical talents who enter competitions the opportunity to work with our orchestra. The finalists of the Dutch Violin Competition Oskar Back can solo with us on stage and the winning composition of the "Orchestral Work" category of the Gaudeamus Award will be played by us at one of our concerts. 

Dutch Violin Competition Oscar Back (photo: Foppe Schut)
Dutch Violin Competition Oscar Back 

The Dutch Violin Competition is a biennial competition for young violin talent ages 6 to 26. The competition is divided into four age categories, including the Oskar Back category for youngsters aged 18 to 26. The Residentie Orkest is the regular accompanist of the finalists during the final concert of the latter age category.  

In addition to winning cash prizes, the finalists also get the chance to gain further experience at the so-called laureate concerts. For example, the winner of the Oskar Back category gets to solo in a concert with the Residentie Orkest. Among others, former finalists and now big names Emmy Verhey, Jaap van Zweden and Liza Ferschtman have already performed with the Residentie Orkest . 

Gaudeamus Foundation  

The most recent structural collaboration the Residentie Orkest entered into to encourage musical talent is with the Gaudeamus Foundation. To this international composition competition, the Orchestral Work category was added in 2020. Participants can not only apply for the composition prize, but now also have the opportunity to submit orchestral works specifically for the Residentie Orkest . As many as one hundred of the 233 participants submitted composition work for this first edition. 

The Gaudeamus Composition Award premiered at Residentie Orkest in December 2021. Out of 100 orchestral works, Lung by Canadian-Icelandic Fjola Evans was chosen to be performed for a concert at TivoliVredenburg conducted by Mei-Ann Chen. 

Performance of 'Lung' by Fjola Evans

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