Young people are making a difference

Stage Your Voice

For three seasons starting in 2019/2020, we have provided a number of young people from The Hague with a musical stage to share their message with a wider audience. In various art forms (spoken word, singing or poetry), they talk about topics important to them such as safety, inclusivity, mental health, youth care, discrimination and livability in the neighborhood. Participants receive musical, conceptual and textual guidance to translate their message into a finished musical product. They spread their musical message through music videos, performances and radio appearances.

Stage Your Voice encourages special encounters, leads to new insights and contributes to creative opportunities for participants as well as for our musicians and audiences.

"Even if I only touch one person with my story ..."

- Alicia, participant Stage Your Voice 2021

The practical side

Retrospective Stage Your Voice 2021

During the second edition of Stage Your Voice, a total of six young people - Nadia, Myrthe, Vera, Alicia, Henno and Hacer - performed with musicians from the Residentie Orkest.

Due to the corona pandemic, venues had to close. As a result, the Stage Your Voice participants shared their story to audiences through a video clip. Recordings took place at unique locations in the city.
With these recordings we reached relevant target groups through online channels, not only addressing our own channels, but also asking partners to share the clips with their own supporters.

"With Stage Your Voice, I get a chance to share my story with people. I hope my song 'A Safe Home' will help other children. I am grateful for this opportunity. "

- Nadia, participant Stage Your Voice 2021 | After performing at the SchuldenLab CEO symposium in Amare

Retrospective Stage Your Voice 2020

By the summer of 2020, we made recordings of Stage Your Voice performances in special places in The Hague. For example, Reno, Benita & Jemaya performed their spoken word about racism and exclusion on the roof of The Hague's pop stage PAARD. Raquel performed her song about her coming-out in front of the Homomonument in The Hague. Whitney, together with rappers from The Hague HipHop Center, talked about the importance of freedom and being able to be who you want to be in Skatepark Sweatshop.

On Sunday, October 4, 2020 Stage Your Voice 2020 participants, together with musicians from the Residentie Orkest from the Zuiderstrandtheater, presented topics they consider important.

Watch all performances back on our YouTube channel.

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