One Minute Symphony XL

Thanks in part to the Society of Friends, the Residentie Orkest was able to set up the One Minute Symphony project. For this project, composition students from the Royal Conservatoire The Hague take to the streets to make contact with a resident of a neighborhood in The Hague. From this encounter, the young composer draws inspiration for a one-minute symphony, written for the instrumentation in which the orchestra is playing that week. This 'One Minute Symphony' will be performed prior to the Symphonic Friday concerts. An exciting project for composer, conductor, musicians and visitors alike.

Two of the most talented composers of the 2018/2019 season have now been commissioned to write a One Minute Symphony XL. Thus, the Society of Friends helps young composers advance in their careers, and the Residentie Orkest with celebrating special occasions in a contemporary way that is the orchestra's own.