Sven Arne Tepl on 2024/2025 season

An orchestra for the entire population of The Hague

"Especially versatile. That's how general and artistic director Sven Arne Tepl sums up the upcoming season. 'The Residentie Orkest has really landed at Amare, that wonderful venue where we can share all those beautiful and exciting moments with the audience.'

'Don't ask me about the highlights of the season,' he sighs. 'Every program is made with love and attention to tell a story, to really give people something to experience. You don't choose between your children.'

Still, plenty of specifics come along that Sven is eager to explain. 'Everything that Residentie Orkest stands for is covered this season,' he says by way of introduction. 'Major works, new pieces, also by Dutch composers, talent development. Take our new projects Side by Side, in which the orchestra together with students of the conservatory will perform Richard Strauss' Alpine Symphony and Cada Instante, a new work by Klaas de Vries. I am looking forward to the dynamics between the students and the orchestra members. Moreover, Klaas' piece calls for the largest lineup we have had on the stage at Amare so far.

Fantastic ideas

The same concert will also feature Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto with a new cadenza written by Klaas de Vries. Hannes Minnaar is the soloist. And there are more great soloists, such as pianists Yeol Eum Son and Ronald Brautigam (pictured right) and cellists such as Kian Soltani, Mischa Maisky and artist in residence Jean-Guihen Queyras. Reason enough to offer several series like the Celloseries and the Pianoseries again this season. 'We have noticed that, against the trend, our audience likes to book complete series. Moreover, we have so many interesting soloists this season that it makes sense to offer them conveniently.'

Discover all the series in our new series brochure 24/25!

Artist in residence

And of course, artist in residence Jean-Guihen Queyras is a good reason to put together a series. 'I have known Jean-Guihen for twenty years,' Sven explains of the choice of this French cellist. 'He has been our guest many times before and he understands the art of working chamber music with the orchestra. He is really interested in the musicians and every collaboration with him is a celebration. In addition, he has fantastic ideas. Who else would dare to adapt Bartók's Viola Concerto for cello.'


But Sven also says the other conductors and the very diverse army of soloists are not to be missed. "We build on conductors and soloists who have chemistry with the orchestra and the audience. We already have a great conducting team with Anja Bihlmaier, who is entering her Last season, and Richard Egarr and Jun Märkl as permanent guest conductors and future principals. Joining them now is emerging artist in residence Chloe Rooke. We had already worked with her a number of times and were eager to follow that up.'

An emerging artist is someone who makes the flight from education to career. 'That suits Chloe perfectly. Moreover, she is a rock-solid conductor and interested in everything the orchestra does. So she will also go out into the districts of The Hague with our musicians.'

"A composition is not a painting that a restorer is working on. It is music played by musicians who, in that moment, give meaning to the notes for the people of today. It has to happen from the silence of the hall all over again every time. That's exactly what makes a live concert so exciting and meaningful."

- Sven Arne Tepl, general and artistic director of the Residentie Orkest

Social activities

The orchestra thereby co-sponsors the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. 'The municipality provides subsidies 'on behalf of the people of The Hague,' Sven says of the orchestra's social activities. 'We are the city's orchestra. That's why we also want to be there for people who don't come to our hall. Being able to be of significance in this way adds value, and as a musician you take that back into the hall. An Alpine symphony or a piano concerto is not a painting that a restorer is working on. It is music played by musicians who at that moment give meaning to the notes for the people of today. It has to be done from the silence of the hall all over again every time. That is exactly what makes a live concert so exciting and meaningful.

Tipped by Sven

'First of all, if you haven't yet been to our fantastic Concert Hall , be sure to visit! For example, on Valentine's weekend in 2025. Anja Bihlmaier will then conduct her Last concerts as our chief conductor. Those promise to be very special concerts!'