"Making music together is so much more fun than alone!"

Efe played trumpet in The Residents for many years. Ruth, as head of education, is very involved in the project. They talk about why this project is so close to their hearts.

Why did Residentie Orkest launch The Residents?

Ruth: "Because we believe that all children should be able to learn to play a musical instrument. Even children who don't get that from home and could never afford it themselves."

Like Efe: no music was made at home, but after an enthusiastic lesson on musical instruments by percussionist Martin Ansink of Residentie Orkest , Efe wanted to make music. He chose the trumpet and enthusiastically joined The Residents for several years.

How do you look back on your time with The Residents?

Efe: "It's super fun to do! I learned not only to play the trumpet, but also to listen to others and work together. I always enjoyed participating.

Are there things you got out of it?

"I'm in high school now, but we still meet up with a group from that time. Playing together is really more fun than playing alone. Thanks to The Residents, I can also read notes, so I've now started playing keyboard at home."

Ruth, how is this different from regular learning orchestras?

Ruth: "The Residents is not (only) about proper stick posture or good breath support, it encompasses so much more. It's a place where children discover themselves and dare to show themselves. They see other role models and they are shown a different perspective of the future. They also learn social skills and experience the effect of belonging to a positive group. But above all, we want them to have fun making things happen together!

The Residents

The Residents is the educational project of the Residentie Orkest. For ten years, hundreds of students have been performing their music throughout The Hague and conquering the hearts of their listeners.

With your help, music is forever!

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