One Minute Symphony

Anat Spiegel

Composition student Anat Spiegel engages in spirituality in her spare time. For her One Minute Symphony, Anat sought inspiration in The Hague. She met Soraya Jamila, alternative healer. You can hear how that meeting turned into notes on Friday, April 26, at Amare.

Composition student Anat Spiegel is interested in magic and likes to engage in spirituality in her spare time. Anat would like to use her One Minute Symphony as a spell to collectively heal people. In her piece, she would like to incorporate a spell, with the goal of getting all people, both orchestra and audience, to think the same thing at the same time. This positive spell could bring us all to a higher frequency, which Anat believes can be very powerful.

To find out what people need or are suffering from, Anat spoke with Soraya Jamila. She works as an alternative healer in The Hague. Anat wanted to know from Soraya what questions or problems her clients come to her with, and whether she believes in collective healing. Soraya came into contact with alternative healing by reading tarot cards. At first, she only gave readings to family members, but when she noticed she had a talent for this, she started doing it for clients as well. Soraya now offers various types of coaching.

Soraya believes that the body can always heal itself. Through meditation, for example, and by going within instead of always being triggered by things outside yourself, such as persons or a situation. Soraya tries to bring her clients to a higher frequency so they can be grateful again. This is not always successful, but with a lot of practice you can achieve this. Soraya definitely believes that we can achieve something with Anat's composition.

After a tarot reading for Anat, they closed the meeting by agreeing to be in touch about the spell they will use in the composition. Soraya thinks it would be very powerful to have people say an affirmation or spell at the same time, that can bring people to a higher frequency. Those frequencies could be about feelings of gratitude or happiness, for example, so that could definitely be healing.

Listen to Anat Spiegel's One Minute Symphony live at the 'Residentie Orkest meets Storioni Trio' concert on Friday, April 26.