Interview with Louise Koopman

""It touches me that young children are taken into the richness of music""

- Louise Koopman

From the age of seven she accompanied her father to concerts at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. Today, Louise Koopman is a child of the Residentie Orkest. She would like to pass on the love for classical music to the next generation, one of the reasons she became a Friend.

"I was indeed brought up on it by my parents," says the now 53-year-old HR consultant at Rijkswaterstaat. "I consider that one of the best things I've been given. Classical music is a common thread in my life, first in Amsterdam but now for twenty years in The Hague. That fortunately also turned out to be a real city with dance, theater, film and the Residentie Orkest. Only later did I discover that there was also a Society of Friends, although it took a while before I became a member. Of course there are fun workshops, the rehearsal visits and the meetings with other Friends at concerts, but the fact that young children are brought into the richness of music thanks to the association's contribution touched my heart. I was happy to become a Friend for that. I also think that the orchestra has been playing better and better over the years, they can really compete with the greats. But friendship should also mean being there in less good times, should they come."

"Stay young at heart," is the motto she would like to wish the 75-year-old Society of Friends. "Stay fresh and receptive to the future, and support great projects such as the One Minute Symphony, through which the Residentie Orkest gives young composers a stage. Convince other people that being a Friend of the Residentie Orkest is important