Lunch Concert

Schubert 9
friday, march 24
Concertzaal Amare, The Hague
Reservations required
Conductor: Richard Egarr
Unfortunately, this concert has already taken place. But not to worry! We will be playing many more concerts soon.

Always wondered what a top orchestra sounds like? The free lunch concerts of the Residentie Orkest in our new concertzaal at Amare give a wonderful insight and provide an inspiring interlude. We play half an hour from the concert played in the evening. Reservations are required!

Help us keep sharing music
The Residentie Orkest has been the orchestra of The Hague, the royal city by the sea, since 1904. How beautiful is it if future generations continue to experience and play the power of classical music? That won't be possible without your help! Pass on music with your visit to our lunch concert. An Alzheimer's patient enjoying the warm sounds of Dvořák's Ninth , a proud conservatory student hearing his first symphony played, and giggling children in elementary school in The Hague: that's how beautiful giving sounds. For this pay-as-you-like lunch concert, you can decide what you want to pay for your ticket. The minimum ticket price is €0, but more is very welcome and helps to keep sharing our music with as many people as possible.

This concert is very suitable for secondary schools i.c.m. a customized workshop.