With live film animation

The fairy tale of Peer Gynt (6+)

April 23 | 11:00
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Sunday, April 23
Concertzaal Amare, The Hague
From €10.
Conductor: Sander Teepen
Actors: Rogier van Erkel & Lotte van Dijck

Peer Gynt may be a bad boy with a (very) rich imagination, but he is fun. Peer comes from the mountains and is as stubborn as can be. He likes to do everything that is not allowed, and when he gets into trouble, he knows how to run away the loudest from everyone. But, beware. If you always just go your own way, you might be left all alone in the end. This Norwegian fairy tale is about your real self, apart from all the wild stories. The orchestra, Grieg's beautiful music, live animations and the narrator take you into Peer Gynt's story.

Will you also come and play in our Instrument Garden?
Would you like to try instruments? After the concert, come honk, ping and drum yourself along with the musicians of the orchestra. The Instrument Garden is open until one hour after the concert.