The New Young Friend 

Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe 

Last fall, a new membership of the Friends was created: the Young Friend. Soon the first Young Friend became a reality in the person of Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe. Who is he and what is his connection to the Residentie Orkest? 

A native of Ghent, Belgium, Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe began taking accordion lessons when he was eight years old. "I remember that at our music school you could visit the classrooms to 'get acquainted' with musical instruments. The guitar didn't excite me much, the saxophone did but the accordion was really love at first sight. And that love has always remained." Meanwhile, Van Cauwenberghe is considered one of the best young, classical accordionists of his generation. For example, he made appearances in productions by the Nederlandse Reisopera, was invited as a "young hero" at Podium Witteman and can be heard on national and international stages, among others. "Music means everything to me. It is of course my bread but certainly also my great passion. When I don't have to play myself, I can be found at concertzaal . I can totally relax and unwind from it, despite it being my job." 

Residentie Orkest
In addition to studying Musicology in Leuven, he studied accordion in Graz, Austria, and particularly at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where he also lived for many years. "There I also got to know the Residentie Orkest and a bond developed. Friends of mine are in the orchestra and I went to concerts at the Zuiderstrandtheater regularly, especially in recent years. I had to get used to Amare, especially on the outside. But the new concertzaal of the Residentie Orkest has become very beautiful. Both visually and acoustically it is impressive and I credit the orchestra with that." 

Young Friend
Last fall, Robbrecht became a Young Friend. Why did he want to? "I think it's important to support culture. And, of course, it is the orchestra of the city where I lived for many years. The Residentie Orkest therefore has a special place in my heart. I also definitely come to Friends activities, such as the recent lecture on the orchestra's genesis. And of course to concerts. I really enjoy the One Minute Symphony, which I think is just a brilliant concept. Always so surprising, it always sounds different and it is and nice preparation for afterwards." 

Of course, more Young Friends are welcome. This membership is for anyone up to age 27 and costs only €10. Great to give as a gift to your child or grandchild!